Children Welfare Center Nepal

About Nepalese Children

Nepal is a small landlocked country tucked between two Asian giants, China and India. Despite being a small nation the cultural and natural diversity of Nepal has grabbed the attention of millions travelers. The snow capped mountains with world’s highest peak Everest in the north to the widespread lowland plains in the south sandwiching the lush hilly region has made Nepal tremendously rich with different resources and whitewater is the biggest resource Nepal boasts on. However, having enormous resources and tremendous possibilities, the country is enlisted as world’s one of the poorest countries because of the longing political instability. Moreover, the recent quake and the present Indian blockade had made things more difficult for Nepal.

Why despite having immense possibilities, the children of Nepal are deprived of their birth rights? There are several reasons. The first reason is the decade long Maoist War that orphaned many children. Secondly, annual natural calamities that strike Nepal in the form of landslides, flood and lightning also has isolated children from the parenthood abandoned to struggle for life. The recent quake also has left many kids without parents and solid support that has made Nepal a land of many abandoned kids. Moreover, the unethical relationship resulting birth of kids from unlawful couple has also has increased the number street kids every year. Almost 35 % of Nepal’s total population is between 1-14 years old and the number could be rising as many street kids abandoned in the streets of cities in Nepal do not count during any census.

We could just not observe the pain of these future stars on earth suffering to survive when they need to go to school for the better future and hence from 2005, we have been into action absolutely determined to serve the most vulnerable demography of the country.

Every children has right to live and ensuring the rights of every kid is a good karma

All we know is the basic rights of the children need to be respected promoted and protected and the root causes that pushes them into difficult circumstances need to be addressed. Thus, leading to a situation where they may enjoy opportunities to enhance their development into competent adult.

Naturally, all children deserve the right to live in a family environment with love, care and affection, and where they can experience joy, happiness and mutual understanding. Save Our Children Center Nepal was established with this understanding and through the initiation of a group of people who strongly believe their obligation towards society, in general, and towards millions of children who are forced to live in difficult circumstances. The team believes that every good deed has its own value and working to serve even a few numbers of human beings is equally important.