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Our Working Team

Mr. Panday BK, Founder and Chairperson
Save Our Children Center Nepal

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Ms. Anshu Das, Co-Founder and Co-ordinator
Save Our Children Center Nepal,

anshu-dasnzMy exposure to help children started with my travels several years ago. I always wanted to give something back to them in some way or another.

With that feeling deep inside me, I went ahead and stared teaching children in Thailand and  Nepal . Whilst staying with these kids and living  their lives, I learnt and had an extreme personal and inner growth.

During this time a lot of questions popped in my mind and that my real deep thirst to fulfill my desire to help these children came to surface. I want to do more to help these children in need and what can I do to work towards it.

I wanted to do make a genuine commitment to help these children and there has to be way.This eagerness lead me to broaden my horizon, my thoughts, emotions and put my actions into practice.

Happen to be that one thing led to another and in doing so my journey started before I knew it. As I got onto the path of helping these children, it brought me to here which is NOW. My focus and hope for now and for the future is to give my best and all I can in my capability to endeavor the path to give these children a better future.

I hope I will always stay strong and the love of these children will give me strength along the way to walk on this path of good karma to save our children of tomorrow.



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Mr. Bashu Thapaliya, Founder and Administrator
Save Our Children Center Nepal

bashu-thapaliyaMr. Thapaliya himself a Founder and Administrator in Save Our Children Center Nepal, is also a Founder and Managing Director at Nepal Footprint Holiday (P) Ltd.

Mr. Swen Boog, Supporter
Save Our Children Center Nepal

“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you divide it.” (Albert Schweitzer)
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My intention to help the children in Nepal started with several travels in that wonderful country. On my trekking tours through the Himalaya Mountains I realised how poor the children are, especially in this region. A lot of them have to work to help their families and they can´t go to school, what is normalcy for children in my country.

Therefore I decided to support this project to give that young people the chance for a better life.
When I was a child I was lucky to live in a rich country with a stable political system, I had the
possibility to go to school and I got medical care if I needed.
For all that reasons I will share my happiness with the Nepalese children.



Mr. David
Orphanage home ManagerHe is the key person from Himalayan Foundation Nepal (Orphan Home). Currently we are supporting this orphan home child for their bright future, education and needy things. Also we placement our volunteer to this home. We provide them monthly food for 21 children s those who are totally depended from orphan home. All children got rescue from different places of Nepal and  poor family background, family lost, founded on street and left by family.