Teacher aid in Amar School

Save Children Center (SCCN NEPAL) support Shree Amar Primary school for another ladies teacher. Because of the quality education, better kinder garden take caring and children friendly classrooms, activities & sports with native professional and young generation teachers, every years  the students flow are growing and expanding. Last year in this school have got 96 […]

SCCN helped support rural areas children for their education

Education Support Nepal,

SCCN (Save Children Center Nepal) has helped the 10 childrens of rural Nepal. All kids leave in North of Kathmandu in Nuwakot District Bhadrutar 1 and 2. The region is one of most damaged area from the massif earthquake 2015. Most kids family are poor income, has lost their houses, single women, handicap and low […]

Education support for Nepal

Shree Amar School Child

Education support for poor child all over the Nepal. SCCN Nepal visited poor kids remote. These kids living standards were accessed so help could be provided with the immediate required need. We accessed 6 kids living in poverty that need help with education. These kids mothers doesn’t have enough money coming to help to send […]

Kinder Garden support for School

Kinder Garden Support for school in Nepal Save Our Children Center Nepal (SCCN) and Helping Hands International France together supply for 40 kinder garden children’s needed their basic things for their class room. We provided for their shelter necessary things like Ground straps, water proof mattress and warm thick mattress, some kinder garden learning materials, […]

Quake Victim Children Relief Program

The devastating quake of April 25 2015 has so many painful stories leaving hundreds kids orphaned. The Central Nepal, most affected region by the quake has so many children who do not have proper guardian to look after their needs. Kids are abandoned and bound to suffer misery during the time they need to enjoy […]

Library Establishment

Technically, the world has become a global village. Access of information from one corner of the world to another has been a piece of cake as the technical inventions has grown so rapidly. However, not every place is equally privileged with the technical growth. Nepal’s urban areas have access to all kinds of technology but […]

Primary Children’s Health Camp

The urban parts of Nepal have enough access to modern hospitals and hence the experienced doctors prefer to stay in the cosmopolitan towns. Whereas, the remote corners of isolated Nepal lack even a small health post compelling the natives of these far flung villages deprived of treatments related to minor sickness. The most vulnerable demography […]

Rebuilding School Project

Schools are the institutions globally considered as children second home, where they get opportunities to groom themselves for the competent future. However, there are places around the world where schools have limited resources and at times the absence of schools and Nepal is unfortunately one of them. Moreover, the devastating quake has demolished more than […]

Nepal Earthquake Relief Project – Save Our Children Center Nepal

To bring the kids who survived but lost their parents to 2015 quake so that they get proper shelter, where they can groom themselves to become professionally competent adult. 7.8 M quake epicentered Barpak Village of Gorkha Nepal in the morning 11:56 of April 25 2015 killing almost 10000 people and leaving thrice injured. Severe […]