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Education Support through Primary school Years – With the help of SCCN Nepal Team.

SCCN Nepal recent mission is to source out orphans and children’s from poor families. These kids would be sourced from remote areas around Kathmandu and Beyond. The focus is to reach out to 10 orphans now, who are in real need for school and educational help. The basic support would be through school books, school uniforms, shoes, stationeries and required school fees and nutritional and healthcare support. SCCN Nepal will help fund these kids with all the required needs to help them get through all the years of primary school.

With the current problem where families are affected by earthquakes SCCN Nepal is focusing on reaching out to those kids whose families are struggling to send their kids back to school. These kids in poor areas of Nepal would be visited and would be helped with required support so that these kids would be able to send back to school.
Our short term goal is to funds 10 kids every year and our long term project is to increase the number of kids funded as we progress and succeed in this mission.

Our hard working team and volunteer team of members are working on this project on a daily basis. Our team and volunteer workers are reaching out to help generate funds to help support this project on an ongoing basis through organizing charities around Nepal, New Zealand, Germany, France and Australia Rotary International and through willing help from friends and families.
The team members with their knowledge are working daily with the same goal and intention towards reaching out to these orphans.

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