Kids getting raised by single mothers in Poverty

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Single Mother nepal, children helpKids getting raised by single mothers in Poverty

SCCN Nepal visited families where mothers who are struggling to raise kids in poverty single handedly. These families live in a crammed one bedroom house with just a floor space with close to nothing and no sanity.
The kids comes from broken families where their fathers have abundant the families a long time ago, an alcoholic and has left home .

The mothers are struggling to send their kids to school especially with the economy and the hard times it’s a great effort to find the little source of income to help survive. The kids of these families are segregated , lowest and are least privileged. There’s no one to pay the fees for these kids for them to go to school and provide adequate food.

SCCN (Save Our Children Center Nepal) with their team of workers and volunteers has researched into depth sourcing and reaching out to these families. All the required hardship related to these kids would be accessed and instantaneous help would be sent to those kids so they can be put back into schools at desired time.

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