Kinder Garden support for School

Kinder Garden MeterialsKinder Garden Support for school in Nepal
Save Our Children Center Nepal (SCCN) and Helping Hands International France together supply for 40 kinder garden children’s needed their basic things for their class room. We provided for their shelter necessary things like Ground straps, water proof mattress and warm thick mattress, some kinder garden learning materials, musical instruments, drawing accessories and some of learning books.

All the kinder children in the school are using now and feel very happy. It was the great plan to provide them those thins in Winter and specially after earthquake victim. The School is totally damages and they are running class in the Temporary metal shits huts for movement. The small music box they will get soon after open the Border. We arrange a local ladies teacher for specially those kinder garden student in there for a year. We going to pay her monthly salary in local standard basis.

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