Library Establishment

Technically, the world has become a global village. Access of information from one corner of the world to another has been a piece of cake as the technical inventions has grown so rapidly. However, not every place is equally privileged with the technical growth. Nepal’s urban areas have access to all kinds of technology but the remote corners are still lacking minor infrastructures that cater the rights to enjoy the information and technology.
Our aim is to provide opportunities to kids living in remote Nepal with an access to enjoy the latest updates ongoing in the world by establishing a library, which houses books written by global writers and few computers with the facilities of internet.

The project seems to be little unusual because to focus on equipping the villages with the internet services having no proper access of basic needs is beyond doubt an weird thought. However, we have realized the necessity of such facilities in the remote corners so that we can groom our kids of far flung hamlets in such a way that they can compete the generations growing with all facilities across the world. For the establishment of the library in these villages, the necessary items shall be sponsored by the sponsors i.e. you and for the labor required we can promise you the volunteer from the natives who tend to grow and develop from the rubbles.

Moreover, while establishing the libraries in these villages where different tribal groups live their lives in peace and harmony the opportunity to grasp the cultural indifferences compared to the western world is truly a lifetime experience.

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