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To bring the kids who survived but lost their parents to 2015 quake so that they get proper shelter, where they can groom themselves to become professionally competent adult.

7.8 M quake epicentered Barpak Village of Gorkha Nepal in the morning 11:56 of April 25 2015 killing almost 10000 people and leaving thrice injured. Severe damages and loss of lives across the country had once again left out many young kids without parental support.

Our most important current project is to identify the orphaned kids in the quake affected regions of Nepal, which is Central Nepal and bring those kids to the proper shelter, where they can absolutely enjoy their rights. We know is it bit of a challenging task to accomplish but the mission we had during the establishment of SCCN always encourages us to serve the most vulnerable demography of the country.

To initiate the project we have picked the most devastated village in Nuwakot i.e. ……….. In the village we have identified 10 kids left orphaned during the quake. To support these kids we have proposed many humanitarian organizations and individuals across the world. As per our plan, we now have 5 helping hands to support these kids financially. Likewise, we shall now approach to another quake affected village to identify such kids.

Traps (Tripal) Distribution Program (Dated: 09 May 2015)

We Save Our Children Center Nepal (SCCN) also collected some donations through (Michelle) for the immediate help for the real victims of the village people and we choose Nuwakot Bhadrutar – 01 and Thanapati – 09 Villages for the help. We reached the village with the 155 traps (Tripal) for the immediate shelter for the people who have loosed their houses by the deadly devastating Earthquake on 25 April and 12 May 2015. Here we have uploaded some picture during the relief distribution project.

Some donations have been also made by the travel companies Nepal Footprint Holiday (P) Ltd. and Himalayan Glory Travels and Tours (P) Ltd as the main supporters for the current Relief Distribution Project.



For more pictures, please follow this link

Metal Sheet Distribution Program (Dated: 29 May 2015)

It is now been close to 5 weeks since Nepal was struck by the massive Earthquake and still people are fear of it. About 9,000 people has lost their life and more than 23000 people are injured. SCCN team is on the ground  and is providing the relief supplies. We set up base in Nuwakot district which is one of the most affected areas by the Earthquake. We traveled to the villages of Nuwakot district where we saw the true images of destruction emerges.

As per our relief project to help the Earthquake victims, we decided to distribute the metal sheets in Fikuri VDC – 07, Nuwakot District. The rainy monsoon season is starting and the village people are still sleeping in the tents. Metal sheets is the highly needed for the Tamang Villagers who have lost their homes for the upcoming monsoon. CGI sheets are used as the roof of the houses in remote villages. We distributed the corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheets to the 144 affected village Houses and 1 local club.

Access to relief distribution is a big challenge for the remote villages and it took 4 hours to cross 40km pitched and 20 km rough road to reach the Fikuri village. This earthquake and the relief work in Nepal present a whole new set of challenges for SCCN: tough terrain, remote and difficult to access communities, huge devastation, and the start of the monsoon season.

Thank you for your support in our project and we will continue to update with how your donations are going for the help of needy ones.

For more pictures, please follow this link

We SCCN are raising funds to help victims of the Nepal Eathquake. We appreciate all your prayers, but let’s take it a step further and make a difference in the lives of the beautiful people of Nepal right now. You can donate now for our next project to build the Toilets in the remote villages where it is really needed. Toilets are also a big issue. All the toilets have been completely destroyed and there are serious safety concerns. People in rural Nepal have no savings left; their whole life’s savings have been wiped out. There are no schools, no infrastructure, no housing and no assets. It’s very hard to imagine a scene like this.

We must rebuild Nepal together, lets Join together.

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