Primary Children’s Health Camp

The urban parts of Nepal have enough access to modern hospitals and hence the experienced doctors prefer to stay in the cosmopolitan towns. Whereas, the remote corners of isolated Nepal lack even a small health post compelling the natives of these far flung villages deprived of treatments related to minor sickness. The most vulnerable demography who suffers physical disorders and even death because of the uneven distribution of health services is children.

An attempt to serve these underprivileged communities of the country is no doubt the noblest job one can undertake and hence SCCN Nepal has stepped in to bring the health related campaigns in the most backward villages. Moreover, our health campaigns shall focus on the quake affected villages of the Central Nepal where the limited resources to serve the health of ignorant kids have been grounded during the devastating quake of 2015. We focus on the health and sanitation of children who are actually deprived of getting primary health care through the camping program.

Our campaigns in the nearest future to serve the health of next generation of Nepal include Free Dental Camps, Eye Camps and of course Free Health Check up in the remotest corners of the quake affected villages, where only limited or no health services are available.

Health Camps not only brings you closer to the needy target group i.e. kids, it also allows you enough opportunities to become the part of remote communities. During your stay in these isolated hamlets, you will have chance for the cultural exchange with the villagers, which will prove to be the fascinating side of your volunteering trip in the mountains of Nepal.

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