Quake Victim Children Relief Program

The devastating quake of April 25 2015 has so many painful stories leaving hundreds kids orphaned. The Central Nepal, most affected region by the quake has so many children who do not have proper guardian to look after their needs. Kids are abandoned and bound to suffer misery during the time they need to enjoy childhood and groom them to become a competent adult.

SCCN Nepal has specific plan to help these surviving kids with the capable sponsor, who can pay for their education, their daily needs so that they can have the real childhood – well treated and full of dreams. To become a sponsor for a kid all you have to do is approach us with the huge heart willing to help these bright stars on the earth. Sponsoring a kid is however, not an expensive task. It is less than a price of couple of beers you drink at the end of the work or a burger you would love to eat while hanging around the park for a year. So skipping a beer or two for a year to educate a kid genuinely suffering in the isolated hills of Nepal abandoned because of disastrous natural calamity is a great act one do.

Sponsoring a kid who survived the quake but left alone with SCCN Nepal is way better because we have already undertaken the task to identify such kids who are genuinely the quake victims and need the real help to decorate their futures. We are transparent and we are from the Central Nepal where the quake has destructed the most.

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