Rebuilding School Project

Schools are the institutions globally considered as children second home, where they get opportunities to groom themselves for the competent future. However, there are places around the world where schools have limited resources and at times the absence of schools and Nepal is unfortunately one of them. Moreover, the devastating quake has demolished more than 7000 schools in the Central Nepal compelling kids to enjoy their education rights in temporary schools.

Hence, our mission to serve the young offspring of Nepal is by establishing or reconstructing the well equipped schools with all necessary infrastructures so that the process of getting educated in the remote villages of Nepal gets close to even as it happens in the urban towns of the country.

Reconstructing schools is however not an expensive task in Nepal. You just have to pay for the raw materials that we can arrange for the construction and the necessary manpower for the construction shall be volunteered by the natives. Hence, only if the proper management with effective guidance can be implemented in constructing the new long lasting buildings required for a school. Moreover, during the construction of the schools in the villages that been devastated by the quake 2015, the sensation of eternal joy you get to enjoy is beyond doubt one of the biggest achievements of your life.

Plus, the opportunity to sight the cultural differences in the remote villages is one way or other the wonderful holiday aspect western travelers volunteering in the remote villages can experience.

Shree Amar Primary School – Rebuilding Project

Shree Amar Primary school is our current project after the earthquake relief  program. The school located Thanapati 2 Chaiju Naranthan north west 35 kilometer from kathmandu on Nuwakot district. The school damage from big disaster. In there 91 Tamang children’s are studying in the ground and temporary shelter like which you can see in our picture. Now we have organized specially for kinder garden class.


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