SCCN helped support rural areas children for their education

Education Support Nepal,

SCCN (Save Children Center Nepal) has helped the 10 childrens of rural Nepal. All kids leave in North of Kathmandu in Nuwakot District Bhadrutar 1 and 2. The region is one of most damaged area from the massif earthquake 2015. Most kids family are poor income, has lost their houses, single women, handicap and low cast family and some families member dye during the civil war of Nepal. Our Project manager and team member has directly visited their families in village and handover the fund for their families member . We have got that support fund from our US guest MRS Michelle Grocke. We hope after the back support, the kids will have better progress in their education. After getting the fund children are happy and they promise for good result in the school. Here you can find the name the children details.


1: Name  – Sahansila Tamang – Age 12 (Poor Family and her father is handicap.)
Adress – Bhadrutar 2 Nuwakot
Class – 4 (Shree Bachhala Primary School)

2: Name –  Agit Taamang – Age – 14 Years (Poor Family in the village and his father dye grow from single mother)
Home Address – Bhadrutar 2, Nuwakot.
Class – 7 (Shree Kundala Higher Secondary School)

3: – Name – Sujit Tamang – Age – 13 Years (Poor farmer family in the village)
Address – Bhadrutar 3, Nuwakot.
Class – 6 (Shree Kundala Higher Secondary School)

4: – Name – Rajani Nepali – Age – 8 Years (Poor and very low cast family – Dalit)
Address – Bhadrutar 3, Nuwakot.
Class – 2 (Shree Bachhala Primary School)

5: Bikash Tamang – Age 13 years – (very poor farmer family )

6: Name – Babita Banjara – Age – 13, (Her father also dye from Cancer and from poor family grew by single mother )
Address – Bhadrutar 3, Nuwakot.
Class – 7 (Shree Kundala Higher Secondary School )

7: Name – Namaraj Tamang – Age – 14 Years. (His father wad die during the civil war time in Nepal, and a poor family take care by single women)
Address – Bhadrutar, 3 Nuwakot.
Class  – 7 (Shree Kundala Higher Secondary School)

8: Name – Niroj Panday -Age – 9 Years (His Father is die from Cancer when he was just 27 Years old. Single women mom take care him and low income family)
Address – Bhadrutar 3 Nuwakot.
School Name – Deep Jyoti Boarding School in Kathmandu – Class 3.

9: Soon

10: Soon






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