save Our Children Nepal


Sponsor a Child and a family
To sponsor a child and a family is the noblest act you have chosen that will enormously support the child and family and most of the times it changes the lives of sponsored child and a family. Skip a beer of bottle everyday for a couple of months or skip a weekend family trip to help the poor child in remote Nepal and the entire for an entire year. Sponsoring a child in Nepal and a family that specifically means the mother of a child is not at all expensive. In remote Nepal, NRS 3,000 would be sufficient to educate a kid for a month and the same amount would be almost enough for a child and the mum for a month food. It is almost so if you wish to completely support the child and the mum, you might have to add NRS 1,000 per month.

Your donation will go towards the health, education and nutrition of a child, as well as livelihood training and life skills for the parents. The program helps children in remote districts of Nepal, which at the moment will focus on the quake victims.

One month of Child & Family sponsorship is Rs 3,000. All donations are eligible for tax exemption. If you choose to sponsor a Child & Family for an entire year for NRS 36,000, you will be able to learn all about the child and family whose life you have changed. SCCN will send you a picture and the background of the child, as well as an annual progress report.

Beside of that if you are interested to support for rural handicapped, deep and bland children.