Nepali Child Playing Kite on Dashain Festival

Nepal is a small country with snow capped mountains, beautiful valleys and plains. It has a diverse geography, topography, culture and religion. More than half of the population of Nepal constitutes of children under the age of 18 years .  Despite its various efforts, the Government has not been able to ensure the rights of children,  particularly those from marginalized families and communities living in difficult circumstances.
In many developing countries like Nepal, children die from malnutrition and diseases before they reach adolescence. Those who survive lead an extremely hard life, especially if they are orphans. As we all know that Nepal suffered from the ten years Civil War (Maoists-Government). Due to this many people sacrified thier life, family and property. So many children during the war became orphans and handicapped (disabled) and their life became so worse and helpless that they need the real help from the different sectors like the Government, Society, Organizations. So we teamed up to help those needy children for their better future including education, health and food. Since 2005 we are helping those childrens with different community projects.

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