Teacher aid in Amar School

Save Children Center (SCCN NEPAL) support Shree Amar Primary school for another ladies teacher. Because of the quality education, better kinder garden take caring and children friendly classrooms, activities & sports with native professional and young generation teachers, every years  the students flow are growing and expanding. Last year in this school have got 96 […]

Visit to Nepal Orphanage

Day Visit to Himalayan Foundation Nepal Orphanage . SCCN Nepal and team visited Himalayan Foundation Nepal. The children were helped with school supplies such as stationery and toys. A month’s worth of groceries was supplied to get the kids through. Acknowledge of thanks to – Neil Ram from Australia who kindly offered to help donate […]

Kids getting raised by single mothers in Poverty

Kids getting raised by single mothers in Poverty SCCN Nepal visited families where mothers who are struggling to raise kids in poverty single handedly. These families live in a crammed one bedroom house with just a floor space with close to nothing and no sanity. The kids comes from broken families where their fathers have […]