Tamang Village Visit in Nuwakot

School in NuwakotTamang Village Visit in Nuwakot
Nayagoan Chaiju is a small Tamang village community in the hills of
the Himalaya’s in north from Kathmandu that is run by only minimum
recourses. This is segregated from the rest of the modern and urban
township. This village has only one government primary school and
accommodates 96 children from around the village that go to that one
The school name Shree Amar primary school was badly damaged by the
earthquake with hardly any resources left to run the school. With
limited resources it’s hard to provide kids with the right education
and run the school properly on an ongoing basis. The school caters for
all the children classes in three classrooms and only has three
teachers to cover the whole course work throughout the year. The
teachers are doing such a great work really trying to help these kids
through their school years so that they can learn and get good grades.
It’s hard to run a school with limited resources, not enough teachers
and on top of that the damage done by the quake that’s causing further
problems to run the school well.
SCCN Nepal with their team visited the school and talked to the
teachers spending time digging deep to understanding the means of help
that’s most immediate. Things that are of quick consideration will be
addressed and resources would be provided so that the school can
continue to run without kid’s school work getting interrupted so that
they get all the resources to seek good education. A month ago some of
French and German volunteer visited that school and help some basic
and urgent needed things for especially kinder garden class. Even they
promise to provide a local ladies teacher for a year to take care the
Acknowledge of thanks – to German and French members who have provided
those children having class in the ground without chairs and tables
over the plastic traps and some of mattress. They also helped supply
musical instruments for their musical class and sports equipment for
their sports class.

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