Volunteering in Remote School

Teach English in Remote School

Nepal is one of the poorest and the least developing nations in the world, donating your time as a volunteer English teacher in Nepal is a great way to spend your gap year, career break or extended vacation.

As you know English is a global language and the expertise in the language has always been an advantage on the edge to pursue better careers in any sector. The Private schools in urban Nepal have the system, where English language teaching is highly prioritized while teaching. However, the schools in remote Nepal still have not been able to adapt the system of teaching as in the schools of urban Nepal. English is the second language in Nepal no matter what because the country is highly depended on tourism. Hence, to introduce English properly to the kids studying in remote schools, we have designed English Language Volunteer Teaching.

Teaching volunteer opportunities suitable for group of friends, gap year students, career breakers and individual can participate as an English Language teacher in the community school or remote Nepal where local farmers, poor families and rural villagers children study. Volunteers work in schools to teach English for Nepali students of rural areas doesn’t require professional teaching experience or shouldn’t be native English speaker as we the level of language we are talking about is Basic English. Moreover, staying the local community as a part of their lives and witnessing their daily lifestyle as well participating in their daily traditions is the best way to intermingle with rich Nepalese culture, which in itself would be a great cultural encounter apart from teaching the language you in the school.

Teaching volunteer in Nepal is a unique experience to teach students that are eager to learn and improve communication skill of international language English. We would like to suggest all teaching volunteers to bring your own teaching materials too. We provide you our official curriculum you can teach different subject including English, science, math, history or using your own material or creative ideas. SCCNEPAL arrange your food and accommodation gain great culture exchange experience of rural life. If you interested for teaching internships abroad do not hesitate to contact SCCNEPAL to become a teaching English volunteer in Nepal Remote Villages.

Volunteer project in Nepal for Community School
This is a ideal project for volunteer group/person those who want to join by their heart to help the rural Nepalese community school and children in the rural area of Nepal. For such a volunteer work you dont really need to pay lots of cost and we are not a profitable organization to run volunteer project taking such a huge amount of money. Our vision is something different. We believe and understand this kind of volunteer work is the way of sustainable tourism and to share and learn the different culture, languages, land and daily practicing through the directly local community.
Our organization SCCNNEPAL select only few of community school in different part of Nepal and some of Orphan homes in Kathmandu. In this movement we are supporting two schools in Nuwakot. Shree Amar Primary School and Shree Mahendra Primary School both are (North of Kathmandu – About 40km drive and one hour walk) Chauju village Thanapati 2 Tamang village and Shree Mahendra Primary School – Thanapati 9 Kaphal Danda . The school totally damaged from earthquake. 94 Children are sitting in a metal sheet covered room in ground and another 46 student are learning in traps rooms. Mahendra School building still under construction.
Also we connect some poor families those who really need the help. Most of family and their kids are only take caring by mothers. In the case many of women struggling for their kids bright future without her husband/man. Also they are non educated, working very poor works and selling very small thins on the street to survive their hard life as a single women. Staying in a without human standard accommodation. We directly supporting for their kids to go the school and paying their school cost, stationary and clothing during the year.

Our volunteer project schedule are following.

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu transfer to simple guest house. (Bed with hot and cold shower)

Day 2: A refreshment day in the kathmandu city, walking around and briefing about the volunteer work . In the evening hiking to Syambhunath stuppa Back. Guest House.

Day 3: Half day sightseeing in the city and preperation of Volunteer work, our member will help you what to do.

Day 4: Morning drive to Kakani or Nuwakot by local bus or Private Van/Jeep/Bus about 2 to 3 hours. Short walk up to school and get connect with school management team, local community members and stay in their home or in the tent. (local food and drinks will be provided you during stay)

Day 5: to 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 stay with community and help school, teach children, learn culture. The School and Management team will assist to you and cook you fresh food during your stay. This is the best way to get connect with local and communities in Nepal.

Day 12: Short walk to Bus station and drive back to Kathmandu and free in Guest house.

Day 13: A rest day in the city, self exploration. Guest House.

Day 14: Free and onward destination.

Option : You can make a trip to National Park for 2 night 3 days, Book hiking or trekking in the Himalayas, Private tours in Kathmandu and Pokhara or other personal activities. We can assist you to design your holiday in Nepal.

Note: In Kathmandu accommodation simple guest house accommodation cost about 10 to 15 USD per twin sharing basic room with hot shower, Private toilet and Free WIFI service. A simple lunch, dinner and Breakfast cost about 15 US in normal standard. Local Transport to and from the Volunteer work place will be about 10 US$ for round trip. If you like to use private transport that cost 90 to 100 USD one way. During the volunteer work we will charge you per day 15 US per person for the local breakfast, lunch and dinner and Tee/coffee.

What to bring ?
For the volunteer work you can bring some kids playing things, school stationery, sports sets, painting materials and your personal clothing, sleeping bag, water purification tablets, water bottle, gloves and toiletry things.