Volunteer in Buddhist Monasteries of Nepal

Volunteer in Buddhist Monastery

Nepal is the Land where the founder of Buddhism Lord Buddha war born and hence it is the holy land from where the message of peace was spread throughout the world. Buddhism in Nepal rather is a philosophy of life in Nepal than a religion. Though government data suggests 13% of Nepalese follow Buddhism but almost everyone in Nepal have inherited Buddhism in them making Nepal a peaceful country to live despite so many cultural differences.  Everyone in Nepal are now free to practice their religion and rebuild their cultural heritage. As a result of this, there are several large monasteries in and around the surrounding mountains of Kathmandu and beyond where monks live and devote their lives to Buddhism. But lately, with globalization and other developments, there is a great need and desire for young monks to learn English. As there are not qualified English teachers in the monasteries, our volunteers stay there with the monks and teach daily classes. Moreover, Buddhism has inseparable space in every Nepali; there are plenty of monasteries across the country that is the home to countless monks and nuns acquiring the knowledge of Buddhism. Among them young monks and nuns dominate few monasteries where these young followers of Buddha receive knowledge. However, acquiring the knowledge of Buddhism is not enough to compete the children who are equipped with modern education. Hence, monasteries have facilities to teach these young monks and nuns the modern education. Some teach in the monastery itself others send their disciples to the schools nearby.

Our volunteering programs in the monastery incorporate teaching the young monks and nuns. You have options to teach them English, Math, Science and other subjects. While teaching these young monks and nuns, you get opportunity to acquire the knowledge of Buddhism, which in itself is a huge achievement for the better peaceful life. In way it is give and take. You teach the monks and nuns modern education and get back the priceless knowledge on life itself.  Volunteers really enjoy this project, as they not only get to learn about, observe and even participate (if they choose) in the culture and Buddhist practices in the monastery, but they also find the monks to be enthusiastic students and incredibly appreciative of their work. Even in back they can exchange their practice and lean some Buddhism related work like Painting Thanka art (Wheel of the Life) how to pray and learn some Buddhism by lamas.

Roles of volunteer for Teaching in Buddhist Monastery

As a volunteer Teaching in Monasteries, you will be provided basic conversational of English instruction to young monks or Nuns. Volunteers can also organize games, paintings, drawings and other creative activities. As a unique facet of this placement, volunteers will witness and participate in traditional Buddhist rituals. Gaining insight to Nepalese language and culture is a good idea and a kind of good karma in your life. There are no specific qualifications needed to join our teaching Buddhist Monks volunteer program in Nepal. However, volunteers must be respectful to the monks’ high social status and their attention to commendable life rules. Only very focused and disciplined who are very passionate about the Buddhist culture those volunteers should join this project in Nepal with us.