Volunteering in Local Hospital in Nepal

Volunteer in Local Children Hospital

Volunteer in local Children’s hospital or health post in Nepal is one of the most challenging and meaningful work. In Nepal, there are not such many hospitals specially meant for children. In Kathmandu there are some when you go just out of the city there aren’t any for children those who live in remote villages. If they get some injury or problem they must come to city long way from home. In that way, the transport and local logistic will cost more than treatment. Because parents need to accompany the sick kid the cost sometimes is simply unaffordable to many poor families resulting the loss of life or integral organs with minor injuries or sickness. That is the reason SCC-NEPAL is targeting remote place hospital or health post for children. We not only go and visit them, do such a help where they really need and are important. Even before we go there, we will contact or visit them what kinds of support/they need for local children. As we know many children of Nepal have got problem from Food, Daily Washing and Toiletry and awareness in the community. So give them some basic idea and general treatments through local Hospitals/Health Posts with direct observed by professional doctor or Medical Specialist.

As a volunteer you can teach local children about the health problems and the ways to prevent minor illness that in remote areas sometimes turn into epidemic killing many. Also you can teach them the proper sanitation way.

This project is best suited to medical students and medical practitioners. Your internship will give you invaluable preparation for a career in medicine future. The placement will allow you to observe medical practices and give you the opportunity to experience the day-to-day running of a hospital or clinic in Nepal. Those with determination, enthusiasm, aptitude and the right inclination may be able to assist the doctors and nurses in their duties of administering healthcare to the Nepali Children. Doctors in Nepal in the city typically visit a number of different health centers each day, spending two hours attending patients before moving on to the next hospital or clinic. During this time you will be permitted to observe procedures, depending upon what cases have been received. In remote places hospitals, there are not such many doctor’s in every health post. Many of them are running by Health Assistant, in there you have more chance to help directly local child with family.